The Story

<Picture> After working 4 years as Supplier Production Engineer at a Toyota Group Company, I realized that the concepts of poka-yoke still are not fully understood by Western manufacturing companies in contrast to the Japanese. For that reason I wanted to make poka-yoke and the philosophy around it more accessible for small and medium sized manufacturing firms and therefore raised the Poka-Yoke-Platform.

I firstly gathered all information I was able to find in books, articles, power-point presentations etc. Then I summarized all knowledge and tried to structure it as it is visualized on this website. Finally, in a quest to make poka-yoke systems standard knowledge for everyone, I figured today’s communication platforms allow companies to share their knowledge with one another and benefit from it.

The idea of such sharing platform already proved its potential with Japanese firms in the past. That’s why I would like to invite our Western companies to leave our ivory tower of confidentiality and protecting the firm’s precious process technologies and start realizing all of our production processes will benefit if we start sharing among another.

You will not lose competitiveness by sharing ideas, on the contrary, you will gain it.